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CEOs lean toward Giuliani

CEOs tend to be students of leadership and strategy, and so it comes as no surprise to Pew Research President Andy Kohut that CEOs are attracted to Rudy Giuliani's "strong leadership image." CEOs have wealth, power and influence, but also are part of a demographic too small to have been analyzed like soccer moms and NASCAR dads. But what little research there is, including an unscientific survey of 154 CEOs by USA TODAY, suggests that they are not monolithic. Two in five vote Democratic. But the typical CEO would vote for Giuliani, which supports the long-held belief that executives worry less about social positions on abortion and gun control and more about fiscal issues such as the economy and federal deficits. CEOs are also pragmatic and see Giuliani as the best hope for a Republican victory a year from now. (...)

Del Jones, USA Today.


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