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Iowa e New Hampshire

Forse abbiamo le traveggole. Nell'ultimo sondaggio dell'American Research Group, Rudolph Giuliani è in testa (per un soffio) sia in Iowa che in New Hampshire.

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Anche in America non si fanno mancare nulla: come da noi esistono Leghe pro-Islam, come le nostre più o meno sotterranemente rifornite di soldi dagli stessi che foraggiano Hamas. Laggiù si chiama CAIR - Center on American Islamic Relations. Recentemente 'sti qui hanno messo il bollino nero addosso a Rudy Giuliani, reo di aver ripetutamente usato la madre di tutte le frase proibite: "Terrorismo Islamico". (Continua su Ne quid nimis)

Rudy, the Surprise

(...) He leads among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents because they believe he's their most electable candidate. (Coincidentally, Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents also think Giuliani's the GOP's best hope.) And he offers what Republicans polled said they prize most in a candidate: strong leadership, something they apparently associate with his role in New York in reducing crime and handling the city's post-9/11 trauma.

(...) Giuliani has been, without question, the surprise of the race. He's managed this with a smart and energetic campaign that has let him put a discreet distance between himself and Bush while burnishing his own anti-terrorism credentials. As he insisted to Republicans in Manchester, N.H., "Democrats don't understand the full nature and scope of the terrorist war against us." A Democratic president, he said, would "wave the white flag ... put us back on defense." W could not have said it better.

John Farmer, sul Newark Star-Ledger.

I will move America toward energy independence. It will require setting goals, sticking to them and energizing the American people to achieve them. It will require expanding our reliance on a much more diverse range of energy sources that America can control.
Rudy Giuliani, su Real Clear Politics.

Rudy, sempre lui

Ogni volta che la sua candidatura viene data per morta, Rudy Giuliani trova sempre il modo di smentire gli uccelli del malaugurio...
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Out of Control

Better Judges, Better Courts

As President, I will nominate strict constructionist judges with respect for the rule of law and a proven fidelity to the Constitution – judges in the mold of Justices Scalia, Thomas and Alito and Chief Justice Roberts.
Rudy Giuliani, in persona, in esclusiva su Pajamas Media.

Ronnie & Rudy

In my lifetime, only two politicians have really and truly delivered: Ronald Reagan and Rudy Giuliani. Reagan saved the entire world. And then Rudy did something even harder. He saved New York.” (Josh Gilder)

Based on his heroic image, his obvious executive ability, his making New York City a livable, governable place and his proven track record as a winner on overwhelmingly Democratic turf, Giuliani would be an extremely dangerous opponent for Democrats. In his 1997 re-election, Rudy ran 38 points ahead of Republican registration. He won nearly half of all Democrats and more than two-thirds of white Democrats. Not even Ronald Reagan was able to do that. (...)

Patrick Reddy, The Buffalo News.

In the 2004 presidential campaign, a Northeastern, blue-state, former Catholic altar boy was unable to comfortably explain his pro-choice position on abortion and his have-it-both-ways approach to same-sex relationships—a difficulty that contributed to his defeat in November. Today a Northeastern, blue-state, former Catholic school boy running for president is struggling to comfortably explain his pro-choice position on abortion and have-it-both-ways positions on same-sex relationships. This time, however, the candidate seems to have a plan. And it might work.(...)

David Domke, Real Clear Politics.