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Why the Conservatives Like Rudy

(...) Heading into the post-Labor Day sprint to the primaries, Rudy Giuliani has utterly defied the pundits who predicted that Republican voters would never accept a twice divorced, pro-choice New Yorker.

Rather than wilt, Mr. Giuliani has cemented his lead in national polls and in South Carolina—one of the most conservative states in the country. The latest Diageo/Hotline poll shows that he not only leads his closest competitor Fred Thompson by 10 points, but also leads among Evangelicals by the same margin and is up by six points among voters who believe abortion should be banned entirely.

Why did the pundits and many conservative critics get it so wrong, and why is Mr. Giuliani scoring so well with died hard conservatives?
Perché Rudy piace ai conservatori (secondo il New York Observer).


  1. Francesco said...
    Giuliani quando era sindaco di New York, incontrò Madre Teresa di Calcuta che perentoriamente gli donadò di cancellare tutte le multe che erano state fatte alle sorelle dell'ordien dda Lei fondato, operante a New York Giuliani scoppiò a ridere e acconsentì , ma pagando quelle3 multe pubblicamente di tasca propria.
    F G mangasci. di
    Aakash said...
    Many of those "conservatives" who are backing Giuliani may not know enough about him.

    Once they learn more truthful information (or if they do), they will hopefully change their minds.

    I think some may already be doing so.

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