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The Core of Rudy's Appeal

(...) Realism about the next decade is very much alive within large numbers of Americans, and it is what secures Rudy's position at the top of the national polls and which presents the greatest challenge to Romney and eventually Thompson --they have to persuade the security-conscious voter that they are at least as reliable as Rudy in a crisis. If the country is struck a blow even greater than 9/11 --and many of us think such an event is inevitable-- will Romney or Thompson be able to meet or exceed Rudy's almost certain-to-be ferocious response to our enemy abroad and vigorous repair of the damage at home?

Hugh Hewitt, un altro conservatore al 100%, spiega perché Thompson e Romney (McCain, secondo Hewitt, è fuori gioco) dovranno faticare parecchio per prendere il post di Rudy nei cuori dell'elettorato repubblicano.


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